Honey Gold Mango gets a makeover

The specialty Honey Gold produced by Piñata Farms is getting a new look. According to Sales and marketing manager Rebecca Scurr, the refreshed fruit stickers introduced at packhouses around Australia and an updated mango carton for retail presentation, reinvigorated the brand and enhanced its premium positioning.

“A light Piñata green sticker is synonymous with Honey Golds,” Ms Scurr told miscmerchandise.com. “The fresh, vibrant look both retains brand recognition and helps Honey Golds stand out in mango displays.”

The refresh brand also extends to Piñata pineapples, which are now on shelves with a new label, and strawberries coming next winter in an updated punnet.

Image: Piñata Farms

“We’ve also updated our workwear including forest-green polo shirts for customer-facing personnel and updated yellow and orange high-vis shirts for farm workers.”

The brand refresh also includes retail-carton packaging featuring a white background overlaid with stylised mango elements in orange and green. Honey Gold mangoes are available at leading supermarkets nationally until March.

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