Horticultural harvesters with technology 4.0 and tax benefits

Source: Fresh Plaza

The right combination of sustainable management and the digital evolution of electronic and mechanical equipment in horticulture are to be found in the 4.0 harvesters from the Italian company Dari Ecomeccanica. “Our harvesters are innovative, as they provide a service to the grower and are also cost effective in technical and financial terms,” said co-founder Francesco Roselli.

Harvesting with a Dari harvester means zero emissions, which is an advantage for both the worker and the entrepreneur. Thanks to the digital evolution of these machines, it is possible to wisely control the costs, and therefore have a benefit in terms of financial resources. This can also be done remotely, so that downtimes are reduced.

Locate your machine on the map

“We have created a web platform for farmers who own harvesting machines, because the idea is that they can control the machine constantly and remotely. The platform also allows the operator of the machine to access to a file that contains automatically generated data, so that the most important parameters are always under control. By displaying the data in real time, it is also possible to plan maintenance and remote maintenance activities. In this way, unexpected abnormalities and machine downtimes can be avoided,” said Roselli.  

“Our 4.0 machines feature data traffic of 10 MB per month, for a duration of five years. This is free during this period. Thanks to the Internet connection, a harvester can be located on the map and assigned a task or sent to an area,” said Roselli.

An area or a task can be assigned

Dari Ecomeccanica has a team of experts ready to intervene and solve urgent problems. The digital evolution of harvesters has a double benefit both for the operator, who is always in control of all parameters, and for the technicians. The result is better performing machines.

The data are generated automatically

“Purchasing a machine of this size has never been so easy and economical. With the new 2021 budget law, the tax credit for investments in 4.0 capital assets, to 50% of the cost. Moreover, this tax credit can be combined with the new Legge Sabatini, or Inail welfare plans. Even those who benefit from the Mezzogiorno tax credit can take advantage of the bonus, which would provide an additional 45% discount, for a total savings of 95%. In short, it’s an opportunity for many growers.”

Access to the data of the selected machine

“For the future, we plan to extend the 4.0 service to all mechanical equipment used on a daily basis in horticulture to ease the job tasks load. For more updates from the Dari world, follow us at: www.dariecomeccanica.com.”