How are consumers changing their eating habits?

The 2022 Good Food Nation report from BBC Good Food, which surveyed 2005 adults and 1007 children (aged 5 to 16), has revealed a large proportion of respondents are making extensive changes in order to cut costs.

The rising cost of energy bills has had an impact as 30% of adults revealed they were swapping from brands to own labels, 28% were cutting back on more expensive ingredients and 17% were eating less meat. 

The research also found that people were eating less takeaways (34%), while they had stopped or had reduce buying certain items including alcohol (22%), red meat (20%) and snacks not used for meals (20%). 

Energy saving

It also found that 23% say they use the oven and hob less, and microwave more (21%) for cooking. There are also changes in the type of things people cook as 19% claim to use quicker to cook ingredients and also look for speedy recipes to save on energy use. 

Among those who cook, 26% claim they are less likely to cook a Sunday roast and with 20% not cooking as many cakes or biscuits. Some people have closed the oven door for good with 18% saying they no longer switch it on.  

Planning meals in advance (28%) and batch cooking (23%) were two of the most popular ways people felt they could control costs, as well as 20% of people saying they specifically looked for money off stickers or yellow stickers on food when shopping.

This tightening of the budget has had a small but positive impact in the way we consume with over 3 in 5 (64%) agreeing that they are cutting back on food waste in order to save money.