Improvements in Togo mango production

In Togo, mangoes are grown over a little more than 1,500 hectares in total, with the most cultivated varieties being the Kent, Palmer, Eldon, and Somnole. The nation’s mango production has increased from 340,000 tons in 2018, to 370,000 tons in 2019 (an 8.8% rise). Over the period, the yield per hectare grew from 3.7 to 4.5 tons.

Both exported and consumed locally, the fruit is also processed despite major progress still to be made in this area. Indeed, there are only 10 processing units in the country. In 2019, Togo processed 2,200 tons of mangoes, up 22% compared to the year before (1,800 tons).

However, the sector still struggles with many challenges including a low level of training of farmers, difficulties to access the production factors, great losses in output, insufficient storage, and a lack of appropriate equipment for processing. This, despite the availability of land for production, an existing local market, and high external demand (especially for grafted mangoes).



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Source: Fresh Plaza