India assuming global leadership: Guyana Prez at Global Millets Conference

India is the largest millet producer globally and is also assuming global leadership in advancing the objective of the Year of Millets, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali said in a virtual address at the Global (Shree Anna) Conference in New Delhi on Saturday.

Appreciating India for its role in addressing the global challenge of food and security, he said India is placing its “service expertise” at it.

Addressing the conference, the President said, “A true collaboration, holds to embark on the sustainable production of millets, the government of Guyana has provided 200 acres of land for exclusive millet production.”

He said further that in return the Indian government would provide technical guidance and support with technology transfer for millet production.

“We can fight hunger & transform the agrifood system by exploring every viable opportunity. We wish the conference success,” he added.

Based on India’s proposal, the year 2023 was declared the Year of (IYM) by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Also, in line with the Prime Minister’s vision to make the celebrations of IYM 2023 a ‘people’s movement’ and position India as the ‘global hub for millets’, all central government ministries and departments, states and union territories, farmers, start-ups, exporters, retail businesses and other stakeholders, are being engaged to promote and spread awareness about the benefits of (Shree Anna) for the cultivator, consumer and climate.

The conference will be attended by Agriculture Ministers of various countries, scientists, nutritionists, health experts, start-up leaders and other stakeholders.

The two-day global conference will have sessions on all important issues related to millets (Shree Anna) like promotion and awareness of millets among producers, consumers and other stakeholders; millets’ value chain development; health and nutritional aspects of millets; market linkages; research and development etc.

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