India soybean production said to be lower

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Production of the 2020-21 kharif (fall harvest) soybean crop in India should be lower, according to a United States Department of Agriculture attaché report. The fall is the only time India harvests soybeans.

The attachés, Amit Aradhey and Mariano Beillard, proposed several changes to the official USDA numbers from October including a 10.7 per cent drop in production at 10 million tonnes for the 2020-21 marketing year. They increased beginning stocks 18.2 per cent at 558,000 tonnes and dropped imports 35 per cent at 260,000 tonnes. That resulted in 10.4 per cent cut in India’s total supply at 10.8 million tonnes.

On a global scale that would put India on approximately par with soybean production in Paraguay, according to the USDA’s world agricultural production report. In comparison, Canada produces about six million tonnes of soybeans.

Aradhey and Beillard noted the erratic weather conditions India experienced across its major growing regions, which curtailed the USDA’s higher projections. In particular, high moisture levels at harvest time and insect damage resulted in the reductions.

As for India’s 2020-21 soymeal production, the amount crushed was projected by the attaches to result in more than 6.7 million tonnes of soymeal. That would be a 16 per cent drop from the USDA’s official numbers. Soymeal ending stocks were forecast to be down nearly 7.7 per cent at 374,000 tonnes.