Indian government considers enhancing cargo capacity of airports

Navin Choudhary, the Principal Secretary of the Agriculture Production and Farmers Welfare Department has called for enhancing the air cargo capacity of Indian airports, so that cargo operations could be started from the airports to various domestic destinations.

While discussing air cargo capacity at terminals in Jammu and Srinagar Airports to export Agri-products from J&K, the Principal Secretary suggested that in the beginning cargo flights could be operated domestically from Srinagar airport once a week or once a month from Jammu to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai.

The Director of APEDA gave a detailed presentation about the operations, scope and mandate of the agency to market and subsequently sell the produce from J&K to domestic as well as international markets.

Spelling out various opportunities in Agri-Export, he said that there are emerging new markets with favorable environment in export oriented production besides development of protocols for transport, strengthening of Land Customs Stations and having an advantage of connectivity to global markets.

He said that walnuts, saffron, rice, apple, almonds and other fresh fruits and vegetables can be promoted for organized production with introduction of commercial and market driven varieties besides pre and post-harvest practices can also be introduced as per target market in a cohesive manner.


Source: Fresh Plaza