Inno Lifecare announces Canadian 95PFE-L3 authorization and mass production


VANCOUVER — On Mar. 23, Inno Lifecare, the PPE division of Inno Foods announced that their surgical N95 respirators have been authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada. Health Canada has granted their surgical N95 respirators a protection level of “95PFE-L3”, providing the highest level of barrier protection against airborne particles. These respirators will now be manufactured and distributed across Canada, eliminating the dependency on U.S. suppliers and certifications. This authorization will not only ensure Canadian respirator needs are met, but will open the doors to widespread supply in hospitals.

“Pivoting from snacks to N95 surgical respirators, Inno Lifecare is dedicated to putting Canadians first,” said Jae Park, CEO and Founder, Inno Lifecare. “This means producing, testing, and certifying respirators Canada so that our citizens don’t experience another shortfall in PPE. And, because 95% of the respirator components are manufactured in Canada, we are supporting Canadian business in the process.”

“We have a talented engineering team, and because we are vertically integrated, we can nimbly meet changing demand,” continued Park. “We are proud that our 95PFE-L3 designated respirators have met rigorous North American standards and will play a role in keeping our courageous frontline workers safe, no matter what the future holds.”

As a food company and organic snacks manufacturer, Inno Foods has an AI and machine learning arm that made this expansion to surgical N95 respirator production possible. Going forward, Inno Lifecare will be able to put a machine online every two weeks if the demand increases in light of another outbreak or COVID surge. Production will begin immediately, and within one month, these respirators will be available across Canada.