Innovation Norway ups €7 million fruit and vegetable grants to €12 million in 2021

Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge) is a state-owned company. It grants annual subsidies to Norwegian provinces. This year, it’s made some €60 million (NOK 622 million) available for agriculture. That’s up from last year. Then they allocated about €57 million (NOK 587 million) in grants.

Of this, €50 million went to agriculture and €7 million to fruit and vegetables. This year, the total budget is higher, And fruit and vegetables get more – €12 million. That, while €48 million is available for other forms of agriculture.

Kjell Bruvoll, a special advisor at Innovation Norway, says, “Last year, we asked farmers and growers to wait until this year when requesting investment support. So, currently, there are still few applications. But if interest is as high as last year, we’ll be through the budget before the summer.”

Grant possibilities
“Fruit and vegetable growers need a supply agreement if they want to be eligible for a subsidy. Meat farmers don’t need that. Nortura has to accept everything they produce.” [Nortura is a Norwegian agricultural cooperative.]

In the remaining agricultural sectors, new stables with milking robots and projects to improve animal welfare will get preference.


Source: Fresh Plaza