Iranian production of tropical fruit at 165,000 tons in current year

Agriculture Ministry official, Zahra Jalili-Moqaddam, has issued a statement saying that a total of 165,000 tons of tropical fruits, including mangoes, bananas, sapodilla, guavas and papayas, have been produced in Iran since the beginning of the current Iranian year on March 20, 2020,

The provinces of Hormozgan and Sistan-Baluchestan as well as southern Kerman are tropical fruit production hubs of Iran.

“At present, the land under tropical fruit cultivation is not substantial. Yet, as stipulated in the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan [2017-22], these orchards have to be expanded to 12,500 hectares. In doing so, we will be able to meet the greater part of the domestic demand through local production.”

According to, Iran’s development plans outline government strategies for the next five years.

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Source: Fresh Plaza