Jamaica Producers Group Ltd invests in plantain farm

Source: Fresh Plaza

Jamaica Producers Group Ltd is investing $100 million into a plantain farm on lands adjoining its banana and pineapple operations in St Mary. JP’s initial plan is first to secure markets for fresh plantains then expand into value-added products (like pre-peeled, ready-to-cook plantains).

The food and logistics group, which already markets plantain chips, manufactured in the Dominican Republic under its St Mary’s brand, has earmarked 50 hectares of land for the plantain operation.

According to jamaica-gleaner.com, the company’s farm-fresh portfolio already includes ripe and green bananas, pineapples and coconuts. Some of that raw material supports the company’s snack operations, produced under the St Mary’s line, which includes breadfruit chips, cassava, banana chips, ripe and green plantain chips and plantain strips, among others.

CEO Jeffrey Hall said the project roll-out was in its early stages, but that the acreages assigned to the farm may gradually increase. He disclosed the addition of plantain to its portfolio of crops at the regular Mayberry Investor Forum on Wednesday.