Japan is currently the largest export market for Taiwanese pineapples

Source: Fresh Plaza

China officially halted the import of Taiwanese pineapples on the first of March. That is now almost two months ago. In this period Taiwanese pineapple farmers have worked hard to find new retail markets. Nearby Japan is the most important export market for Taiwanese pineapples, but Taiwanese pineapples also sell in more distant markets such as Canada and Australia.

“Now that export to the Chinese market has been halted, Japan emerged as the largest export market for Taiwanese pineapples. This is on the one hand because the shelf life of Taiwanese pineapples is relatively short and Japan is nearby, which makes distribution a lot easier. On the other hand, Taiwan has sold pineapples in Japan for several yeas. Retail channels are well established and expanding them is easier than establishing new retail channels in other markets.” This is according to Mr. Lin, chairman of the board of Taiwan Nong Yi Yuan Co., Ltd.

The peak period of the Taiwanese pineapple season usually takes place between late April and early May. This year extreme weather conditions have delayed the season by about 10 days. When asked about the possibility of the Chinese market opening up for Taiwanese pineapples, Mr. Lin replied, “there are too many factors at play to make any sensible prediction. It is simply too early to tell.”

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