Jinzuan pineapples from Hainan do better in the Chinese market than import pineapples

The Jinzuan pineapple from Hainan, also known as Tainong No. 17, is one of the most representative pineapples from Hainan. This pineapple variety was first introduced from Taiwan.

The unique flavor of the Hainan Jinzuan pineapple is the result of characteristic geography and weather conditions on Hainan. The weather on Hainan is tropical with high temperatures, lots of rain, and more than abundant sunshine. There is sufficient precipitation all year round. These conditions are extremely suitable for the production of pineapples.

Hainan Jinzuan pineapples

More than 80% of the pineapples grown on Hainan belong to the Jinzuan variety. The Jinzuan variety contains more juice than the regular Hainan pineapple, and the sugar content is around 16% or higher. In addition, regular Hainan pineapples need to be soaked in salt water before consumption or the flavor is too sour. Jinzuan pineapples do not require a salt water preparation, but are immediately ready for consumption. The fresh flavor is excellent.

Hainan Jinzuan pineapples

“The sales season of Hainan Jinzuan pineapples is currently in full swing. We expect the supply season to continue until May. The production volume is quite stable because the weather conditions are good. There have been no major changes compared to the last production season.

“As for the market, there are fewer pineapples on the Chinese market. The competition is less fierce than during the period leading up to Chinese Spring Festival [25 January, 2020] last year. Hainan pineapples enter the Chinese market at the same time as pineapples from the Philippines, but the pineapples from Hainan are cheaper and their product quality is higher.” This is according to Mr. Wang Zhiqiang of Yongxing E-commerce Charity Center (Yongxing Lychee, Wampee Distribution Center).

Hainan Jinzuan pineapple

Mr. Wang explained, “we currently sell our pineapples via online and offline retail channels. Our Hainan Jinzuan pineapples are available throughout the country except in northeast and northwest China, Hebei, and Beijing. We have temporarily halted supply to these regions because the product quality is difficult to guarantee. Northeast China is currently too cold and the northwest is too distant. Hebei and Shunyi District in Beijing are in another lockdown at the moment. As for our online sales, we have started to develop our online retail channels this year. We sell our pineapples online under our own brand name ‘Flavor of Hainan Agriculture’.”

Hainan Jinzuan pineapple

The Chinese Spring Festival [12 February, 2021] is almost here. However, while the festival period leads to increased demand for apples and such, pineapples can not be stored for very long, so around Spring Festival sales slow down as transport temporarily stops.”

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