Jordanians complain about sudden cucumber price hike

Source: Fresh Plaza

The head of the Jordan Valley Farmers Union, Adnan al-Khaddam, has said that the current increase in the prices of cucumbers is due to the inability of the few cultivating areas to meet the demands of the local market. He pointed out that the daily requirements of the local market is roughly around 350 tons, while local production is at a maximum of 210 tons. Al-Khaddam expected the price of cucumbers to decline at the end of April, once Shifa Farm crops are ready for harvest.

Meanwhile, the export of cucumbers from Jordan has been halted. Media spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lawrence Al-Majali, confirmed that Agriculture Minister, Khaled Al-Hunaifat, had taken a decision to stop exporting cucumbers, following the local price hikes.

Majali told Roya that the decision to stop exports came in order to preserve the stability of prices within acceptable rates, and that it is likely that prices will decrease within a period of no more than a week.