Junk food crackdown could boost keto snacks – Fatt podcast

Source: foodmanufacture.co.uk

Ketogenic diets promote low-carb and high fat consumption with the aim of triggering ketosis, making the body incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. Brands geared to such diets seem well-positioned amid the Government’s junk food crackdown and an increased focus on health and wellness fuelled by links between obesity and increased susceptibility to the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

One such brand is Fatt. Sporting a recently refreshed look, Fatt has launched into specialist retailers Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic after finding success online through its website and Amazon Marketplace.

“The world of keto has been driven primarily outside of main retail and it’s come about through enormous growth in America and this sort of ‘underworld’ of online shopping, which COVID has obviously accelerated,”​ said Fatt founder and CEO Hannah Sutter.

There are no plan for her keto bars to appear in the likes of Sainsbury’s or Tesco just yet. However, Sutter felt recent legislation could lead to the main retailers looking to stock healthier snack bars.

HFSS legislation

“With changes coming to rules for sugar, salt and fat, there will be some fantastic opportunities for companies like us to produce products that do not fall foul of the new legislation – in due course,”​ she added.

“I’m not talking about tomorrow or next week, but I think the main retailers might find that looking at these more specialist and more alternatives products could fill up quite a few areas of the supermarket which, at the moment, [​HFSS foods] can’t be.​”