Kerala tech firm introduces ‘Know Your Farmer’ traceability feature

Source: Fresh Plaza

A Kerala agri-tech firm has come up with the country’s first system that enables the consumer to detect the origin of the branded vegetables in the market. Kochi-based Farmers Fresh Zone has introduced a traceability feature called ‘Know Your Farmer’ as part of quality control, facilitating regular checks to ensure non-toxic and pesticide-free products.

The firm, which provides access to safe-to-eat fruits and vegetables that are directly sourced from the farmers, has been disrupting the highly unorganized agriculture sector with its unique features.

Farmers Fresh Zone, which operates from four Kerala cities, achieved a five-fold growth in the 2020-21 fiscal, offering more than 80 kinds of vegetables and 25 varieties of fruits. The startup also helps farmers in production planning and to follow good agriculture practice. It has improved the farmers’ income by 20 per cent.



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