Lakeland’s new programs support ag and enviro industry needs

Source: Canadian Cattlemen

Lakeland College is growing its programming in agricultural and environmental sciences with three new programs that start this fall.

Lakeland will offer the following programs: agricultural sustainability diploma, post-bachelor certificate in commercial agriculture production and an applied environmental sciences certificate. The three new programs will feature hands-on learning opportunities and will be offered at the Vermilion campus.

“We’re excited to expand our program offering for September. Each program provides practical training in areas where these industries need qualified professionals ready to put their education into action. We know our students learn best through action, which is why each of our new programs offers experiential learning opportunities that will equip them for success,” says Michael Crowe, Lakeland’s vice president of academic and research.

Agricultural sustainability diploma program
Designed for students who’re passionate about agriculture as well as sustainability and stewardship, the two-year agricultural sustainability program is a collaborative offering by two of Lakeland’s academic schools. This program features courses in common agricultural production practices and foundational plant, soil and livestock sciences, as well as ecology and habitat management technologies. Graduates will be prepared to meet the challenge of global food production while balancing economic, social and environmental sustainability pillars.

This diploma program features a practicum with an industry partner between the first and second year of study. Graduates will have a range of career opportunities including working with various levels of government, regulatory agencies, producer organizations, environmental and agricultural consultants, and more.

“The sustainability of food production value chains is an increasing priority, which means there’s a growing need in the job market. Our agricultural sustainability program will equip students with agricultural backgrounds to excel in sustainable practices, and it will expose students interested in environmental issues to commercial agriculture production,” says Geoff Brown, dean of the School of Agricultural Sciences and the School of Environmental Sciences.

Post-bachelor certificate in commercial agriculture production
Students in the post-bachelor certificate in commercial agriculture production program will complete their studies immersed in hands-on learning. Created for students with a minimum of a bachelor of science in agriculture or related field, this one-year certificate provides the practical skills necessary to appreciate the foundational aspects of today’s commercial agriculture production.

At Canada’s only Student-Managed Farm – Powered by New Holland, students will choose from either a livestock or crop stream. They’ll complete labs and other experiential commercial agriculture production activities common in Western Canada.

“This post-credential program was built for those needing practical agricultural training and experience. Students will go beyond the classroom by managing one of our agriculture units and fostering critical thinking from a producer’s perspective,” says Brown.

Applied environmental sciences certificate
Students in the one-year applied environmental sciences certificate can combine their love of the outdoors with employable skills. Within the first month of the program, students will put theory into action in outdoor labs.

Graduates will be ready for entry-level environmental jobs across Canada with skills in aquatic habitat assessments, plant identification, water monitoring and sampling, wetlands and soil classification, and environmental assessment. The certificate allows seamless entry into any of the four environmental sciences diploma program majors.

Application for each of Lakeland’s three new programs is open. Learn more about the applied environmental science certificate, as well as other environmental programs, at the Live with Lakeland: Environmental Sciences webinar on April 21.

Anyone interested in the two new agricultural sciences programs can learn more on April 28 at the Live with Lakeland: Agricultural Sciences webinar.

Earlier this year, Lakeland also announced its bachelor of agriculture technology program will start this fall.