Lidding films on display at virtual CPMA 2021

Source: Fresh Plaza

Terphane will demonstrate the benefits of its Sealphane® lidding films at the 2021 CPMA Fresh Week virtual event. The online Fresh Week platform will be available from April 12-16, 2021.

Terphane’s Sealphane® PET films address a growing demand for tamper-evident, multi-use lidding solutions with a tray and lidding film package option that provides environmental advantages to traditional clamshell containers. All Sealphane lines are also available with Ecophane™. The Ecophane line aligns with the growing global market demand for sustainable packaging and consists of two product families: rPET and bPET. The first is produced with a minimum of 35 percent post-consumer recycled PET resin, and the latter is a biodegradable film manufactured through a technology that enables degradation in landfills.

Terphane’s Sealphane® lidding films will be on display at the 2021 CPMA Fresh Week virtual event.

“With the growth of the fresh produce over the past year, as well as an increased emphasis on food safety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, versatile lidding solutions are a more attractive option than ever before,” shared Marcos Vieira, Terphane global R&D director. “We’re excited to showcase our Sealphane lidding films at CPMA Fresh Week this year, offering customers even more options for sustainably and cost effectively packaging their products.”

Terphane offers many grades of anti-fog treated films with both easy-peel heat seals and weldable heat seal. One such film, Sealphane 10.63CTAF, is designed to seal to APET trays, packaging fresh produce or other refrigerated products. Trays lidded with Sealphane 10.63CTAF have high clarity, reduced fogging and are easy to peel open for the consumer, yet still offer tamper evidence.

For weld seals, Sealphane 10.94TAF is designed to use in flow wrapper packs, SUP pouches or weld sealed when lidding APET trays. The strong weld seal allows for heavy products to be packed in the pouch and provides tamper evidence when using it to lid trays.

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