Limoré now available in the United Arab Emirates

Source: Fresh Plaza

PGI lemons from Rocca Imperiale have landed in the United Arab Emirates thanks to the teamwork of producers from Rocca Imperiale and the Joinfruit PO in charge of commercializing the produce.

“Currently, the Limoré brand is available in both premium supermarkets and restaurants in Dubai, but we are certain it will soon be available in other cities as well,” explains Pietro Buongiorno, entrepreneur and president Cooperativa di Produttori di Limoni associati di Rocca Imperiale, partner of OP Joinfruit.

“This is just the beginning, as we aim for our products to be available in other countries overseas already as of the next lemon campaign and we also wish to strengthen our presence on the European market. We would never have imagined to achieve such results just a few months after the birth of Limoré, which is currently commercialized in England, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are very pleased with the work we are doing with Joinfruit: PGI lemons from Rocca Imperiale are finally conquering the world.”

“Harvesting operations should end in late May. Although the 2020/21 lemon campaign was affected by Covid-19 due to the limitations for the H&R channel, we should end the season with a surprising +700% of produce sold compared to the previous season!” 

“Thanks to the partnership we established last year with Joinfruit, there is more and more people who appreciate our lemons not only due to their high quality and appearance, but also because of their color, edible peel and intense aroma.” 

“We focused on high quality and are pleased with how things are going both in Italy and Europe. As soon as the campaign will be over, we will work to guarantee ongoing supplies to all our current and future clients.”

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