Low availability of large avocados on the domestic market

Source: Fresh Plaza

The sale of ethnic-exotic products usually drops in January and February, before recovering or stabilizing in March and April.

Avocados. (Photo supplied by Giorgio Donnarumma – Nuovafrutta)

When it comes to avocados, the season of the Hass variety from Peru has just started. “As these are the first quantities available, grades are mainly small (18, 20, 22) and suitable for Eastern and Northern European markets. Volumes suitable for the Italian market (i.e. with grades 10, 12, 14 and 16) are currently limited. The situation will improve as of mid May. The Israeli, Moroccan and Mexican campaigns are over, while South Africa has just started with green and Hass avocados,” explains Giorgio Donnarumma, sales manager at Nuovafrutta.

Avocadoes. (Photo supplied by Giorgio Donnarumma – Nuovafrutta)

Limes dropped to prices below cost in early 2021 and slightly recovered only in the past few weeks. “Supermarket sales alone cannot compensate the lack of restaurants and bars in Europe.”

Limes. (Photo supplied by Giorgio Donnarumma – Nuovafrutta)

Papayas did well throughout March and April. Figures have doubled when it comes to both sales and prices. “The papaya market has been very pleasing for profits, less so in terms of goods available. Papaya sales will stabilize with the arrival of melons, watermelons and medlars.” 

Formosa papayas from Brazil. (Photo supplied by Giorgio Donnarumma – Nuovafrutta)

The Peruvian mango season has come to an end, though it was not very satisfactory in terms of either quality or prices. “Because of the pandemic, freight rates were very high and flights were difficult to find. What is more, quality was not always exceptional depending on the area of origin.”  

Mangos. (Photo supplied by Giorgio Donnarumma – Nuovafrutta)

Now it will be the turn of mangos from the Ivory Coast and the campaign will last around a month. “The season is short and the fruit is good, though it does not look as good. Brazilian mangos have instead maintained a medium-low trend during the first few months of 2021.” The season will continue with mangos from Mexico.