‘Made in Italy’ produce, exports to China rising

Source: Fresh Plaza

A sign of hope for the post Covid period comes from the ‘Made in Italy’ food exports to China which more than doubled (+ 130%) as there is a strong demand for Italian products from part of the Asian giant. Exports are increasing in all the most significant sectors of Made in Italy, with an average increase in Italian exports of 54%.

“This is a market with great margins for growth that has anticipated the economic recovery hoped for at a global level in the coming months with the advancement of the world vaccination campaign. A confirmation of the need to support and keep alive the national productive fabric in its reference sectors to allow Italy a rapid economic and employment revival,” a spokesperson said.

“In this context, it is also important to work to overcome the technical barriers still present for national exports. If, in fact, the ban on Italian pork was removed in 2016 and in 2018 the borders opened in China for alfalfa Italian. At the moment, with regard to fresh fruit, for example, Italy can export to China only kiwis and citrus fruits while apples and pears are still blocked, which are the subject of specific negotiations.”

Source: efanews.eu