Mango consumption in the US is expected to double in the next ten years

Source: Fresh Plaza

Mango has become a fashionable fruit and it is highly valued by North American consumers. In fact, due to the pandemic, consumers have become more demanding and are opting for a much healthier lifestyle, in which mango is a priority food.

According to the executive director of the National Mango Board, Manuel Michel, mango consumption in continues to grow in the US. “There is no limit to its growth. If the mango arrives with the right quality and there is promotion so that consumers know it is available, I don’t think it’ll have a limit. In 2020, per capita consumption stood at 3.63 pounds. Per capita consumption in Mexico, a country that produces mangoes and has all the supply available, stands at more than 30 pounds per year. It’s difficult for consumption in the United States to reach 30 pounds per person, but there is a lot of space between 3 and 30 pounds. Avocado consumption now stands at around 8 pounds per person, so I think that mango consumption can easily reach 8 or 9 pounds per person per year. That can be achieved in the next few years. We could get to 7 pounds in 10 years.”

Manuel Michel

“We’ve seen supply and consumption increase in the last fifteen years. In 2020 consumption took a leap, and if the trends remain the same, things will be similar in 2021 and in 2022. We have reached a point where we believe that consumption will grow faster and that is our projection.”

Positive expectations for this season’s campaign
Manuel Michel also spoke about their expectations for this season’s mango campaign. “So far, everything is going very well. There’s been good weather in every country. Producers in Peru, which starts the campaign each year, believed there was going to be a big drop compared to the previous year, but they were mistaken. They’ll produce 5 to 10% less than last year, which is not much, it is within the normal range.”

“Mexico’s campaign started about two weeks earlier than usual, and everything indicates that the harvest is going very well,” he added.

“According to producers in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the volumes in these countries are normal, better than last year,” he stated.

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