Mexican Ministry of Agriculture recognizes work of small-scale avocado farmers

Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture has lauded the nation’s small-scale garden growers. During a virtual event named ‘Our wealth: the avocado’, Víctor Villalobos Arámbula stated that of the 26,980 farmers in Michoacán registered in the Export Plan, 25,377 cultivate in orchards smaller than 10 hectares, and they are the ones who sustain the majority of avocado exports.

The Secretary pointed out that the wealth of Mexico is in its people, who through a constant process of domestication, have safeguarded and selected the native plants that today are elemental in the diet of Mexicans and the world.

“With this commemorative event we vindicate the historical, cultural, nutritional and genetic value of avocados and, especially, of the small producers, who support most of the export of this fruit,” said the secretary. He affirmed that, with inter-institutional cooperation and the linkage of producers, the Secretariat promotes a sustainable, inclusive agriculture, compatible with the conservation of the environment, promoting the use of native and local seeds, as well as the consumption of nutritious, healthy and safe food, available to the entire population.

In the same way, he said, it is important to recognize that currently 18 varieties of avocado are registered before him National Seed Inspection and Certification Service (SNICS), in its Catalog of Plant Varieties.


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Source: Fresh Plaza