Moldova expects to increase apple exports to Russia from second half of January onwards

CEOs of several Moldovan horti enterprises say that at the start of January, they received offers from their Russian buyers (supermarket chain suppliers) to start sorting and packing Gala and Granny Smith apples. This means that from the middle of January, they should be able to export this fruit to Russia.

So far, the forecasted revival of foreign trade has not affected wholesale prices for apples within Moldova. In particular, the price range for apples of Gala and Granny Smith varieties of export quality has not changed since the end of December. On average, it is 10-11 lei/kg ($0.57-0.63/kg).

In 2021, Russia will make the rules for the supply of fruits to its market more severe. Exporting enterprises authorised by Rosselkhoznadzor will have to obtain a personal identification number of the manufacturer and place it on the packaging of products supplied to the Russian Federation.

According to an article on, several Moldovan traders have already received this number, but they have not yet exported their products to the Russian market. That is, they do not yet have information on how this innovation works in practice. Therefore, they are afraid of “its interpretation by the controlling authorities of the Russian Federation.”

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