Moldovan apple producers focus on exports to India

Source: Fresh Plaza

In recent talks between managers of big Moldova horticultural enterprises and Rahul Srivastava, Ambassador of the Republic of India to Moldova, the prospects of apple exports to the Indian market were discussed. New requirements for the shipment of agricultural products to India were presented to the potential exporters. One of these is that apple exporters must submit, among other documents, a certificate of the absence of GMOs in their products starting this year.

According to the operators of the Moldovan fruit market, this requirement will not become an obstacle to the apple supplies for the Indian market. The National Agency for Food Safety, ANSA assured that the agency could provide certificates of the non-transgenic nature of the exported fruits.

Moldova officially received the clearance to export apples to India on favorable phytosanitary conditions in fall 2018. Since then, Moldovan horticultural and trading companies have made several attempts to export apples to the Indian market. As the exporters noted, these attempts were not successful and “there was a mistake made on the temperature in the export chain.”

At the beginning of the new season, the Indian side is ready to accept 10 containers of Moldovan apples as a trial batch under enhanced monitoring. If this “test” is passed successfully, large-scale and regular exports will become possible.