Molson Coors debuts organic beer


Dive Brief:

  • Molson Coors Beverage Company is promoting the debut of a new organic, low-calorie brew by challenging consumers to go on a literal beer run, a press release announced.
  • For National Beer Day today (April 7), the marketer deployed professional runners in New York City’s Central Park wearing shirts emblazoned with giant QR codes. People who got close enough to scan the codes received a rebate for a 12-pack of Coors Pure.
  • Through April 14, Molson Coors will also dole out rewards to fans who record a beer can-shaped run on their preferred fitness-tracking app, screenshot the route and submit it via email to [email protected] The Coors Beer Run campaign is supported by ads on TV, podcasts and digital channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Dive Insight:

Molson Coors is introducing a new better-for-you beer — its first to be USDA-certified organic — with a campaign catered to exercise enthusiasts. The rollout involved a literal beer run in Central Park Wednesday morning, while people living outside the Big Apple have the chance to score a rebate in the form of a $15 prepaid Mastercard if they record a custom route on their fitness-tracking app of choice.

Tying the promotion back to mobile channels recognizes the uptick in fitness regimens formed during the coronavirus pandemic that are managed through apps like Nike’s Run Club. Running is among the hobbies gaining newfound traction amid the health crisis, as it provides an outlet for outdoor exercise that keeps COVID-19 safety precautions in mind. The turn to warmer weather at the same time could help Molson Coors catch the attention of consumers who are stepping out more frequently following a housebound winter.

With Coors Pure, the marketer is making a bigger bet on low-calorie beer. Better-for-you beers have tended to perform well even as the category at large flags facing the explosion of interest in other alcoholic beverage options such as hard seltzer and wine. Michelob Ultra, a rival low-calorie brew, has grown to be one of AB InBev’s top-selling beers, even surpassing its flagship Budweiser brand, according to industry estimates.

Coors Pure directing its marketing explicitly at runners mirrors past Michelob campaigns, which have frequently targeted the enthusiast group. A 2020 effort from the AB InBev label offered fans a chance to star in one of its TV commercials by joining an “Everyone’s A Runner Challenge” on social media. Molson Coors is tying Coors Pure’s positioning back to its larger Made to Chill platform as well.

“Coors Pure is the perfect beer for those of us who love running but also sometimes like watching other people run,” the brand’s website reads, adding later that the brew is “organic but chill about it.”

Molson Coors has enacted an aggressive marketing strategy during the pandemic to engage homebound consumers and account for the hit to on-premise consumption. The marketer has pushed dozens of campaigns since last March along with new products, including a Coors Seltzer last fall.