Multilane detection systems boost manufacturer efficiency

Systems that utilise multi-lane technology can eliminate the need for multiple detection and inspection set-ups and improve efficiency, especially at a time where space and time have become a greater premium

Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle Product Inspection, said: “Even before changes related to the pandemic, there was a need to do more with less. Advances in x-ray technology, including machinery and the software that powers it, can be optimized to conduct multiple simultaneous checks for quality and safety using one machine.

‘Keep more of the profit’

“Manufacturers get to keep more of their hard-earned profits with an automated system that detects hazardous contaminants and performs quality checks in a fast and highly efficient way.”

Eagle’s latest offering, the Eagle Pack 720 PRO with material discrimination x-ray technology (MDX), utilises these systems by simultaneously performing quality checks such as mass measurement and component count.

The Eagle Pack 720 PRO detects and rejects a range of contaminants, including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, calcified bone and some rubber and plastic compounds in plastic containers, cartons/boxes and pouches.

Multilane capability

With the multilane capability, users can inspect multiple lanes of the same or different products or alternatively use one lane for production and the other for rework.

Additions to the system can scan a barcode to run products with different inspection requirements on the same line by instantly switching to the right set of parameters.