Natasha’s Law comes in effect, but concerns raised

Natasha’s law – also known as the UK Food Information Amendment –will see food businesses required to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on all food that is pre-packaged for direct sale

According to research by GS1 UK, four in 10 businesses had never heard of Natasha’s Law, while eight in 10 said they were unprepared for the new food regulations – this was in spite of 90%​ respondents who knew about the change in regulations saying they had received plenty of information about it.

Henry Dimbleby MBE, author of the National Food Strategy said: “Natasha’s Law represents a hugely positive, yet complex transformation for the food sector – one fraught with risk.

“It is worrying that the awareness of the changes is inconsistent, but not particularly surprising after everything the sector has had thrown at it over the last 18 months.”

Industry preparedness

Just over half of small and medium sized businesses said they had taken steps to be in a good position ahead of the new law. Only 39% said they have provided training on types of allergens and more than one in five said that they are awaiting further training and guidance.

Getting ready for new legislation takes time and money and 67% believed there should be more financial support from the government to help businesses with the transition.  

Arvind Thandi, Food Hypersensitivity Team leader at Food Standards Agency addressed these concerns, but was confident of the food industry’s ability to adapt to the new regulations.