New plastic-free crate cover

Kuku International Packaging, a company located in Palata Pepoli (BO) and specializing in flexible packaging, has introduced a new crate cover made up of natural elements (95% cellulose) obtained from natural fibers and developed readapting the material used for other solutions. 

Photo provided by Kuku International Packaging

“This means the finished product can be considered biodegradable. Our solution aims at using less plastic. It was our initiative, considering we already deal with cotton and paper net solutions. We simply adapted the material to make crate covers. Size, color, prints and other characteristics can be customized by the client,” explains Serena Ruppi from Kuku’s sales department. 

Photo taken from a LinkedIn post bySerena Ruppi

“A lot of the interest for our new solution comes from abroad, although we are promoting it on the domestic territory as well, as there are companies looking for innovative solutions in Italy too. A lot of contacts have also arrived from the US.” 

In addition, Kuku has received requests for covers suitable for delivery boxes. “It is a slightly different model, but the principle is the same.”

Photo taken from a LinkedIn post by Serena Ruppi

Kuku International Packaging considers itself a sort of tailor that guides the client to make the choice most suitable for its needs. A tailor-made service that does not allow for imprecision, as precision is essential for protection and recognition. 

Serena Ruppi
Kuku International Packaging
Via Provanone 4100
40014 Palata Pepoli (Bologna) – Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)51 6830969

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