“Night frost fan immediately deployable for fruit growers”

Source: Fresh Plaza

The collaboration between Swift International and Zeelandtrac in the area of the Frost Fans mobile night frost machine has now been ongoing for one year. “Over that year we supplied dozens of machines that will be used against radiation frost this spring. There is a lot of interest because in recent years a lot of damage has been caused directly (volume) or indirectly (quality) due to the cold nights,” says Ernst Slabbekoorn .

“Especially the direct line with a regional point of contact and fast service is appreciated by the customers. Investments in an immediately deployable night frost fan are often delayed until the last moment, while the machines are made to last more than twenty years. Calculated with a lifespan of 20 years, the annual costs are very low. “

For example, Guiljam Zuidhof of ZL Fruit ran the machine with good results against frost last season (spring 2020). The grower has now also purchased a second machine that is ready to go. “Growers can receive a machine ready for use at their farm within a few days of ordering, because they are supplied ready for use and no infrastructure has to be built. There are still a number of machines available for this spring, but if all interested parties place an order, we’ll be sold out for the next two years,” says Ernst.

“Swift International now has a second model in its range and with the 650i (up to 7 ha) we can now supply a suitable tool against radiation frost for almost every professional grower. We have also made steps forward to also use the same machines in a professional manner. for other climatic challenges. The night frost season lasts until May 15 and this spring, nature seems to once again be early and unpredictable. “

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