None of the 2016-2019 EU funding for Irish produce spent on organic

Source: Fresh Plaza

New figures from Greenpeace Europe seem to indicate that none of €13.4  million in EU funding to promote farm produce between 2016 and 2019 was spent on organic produce.

Irish food industry organizations – including Bord Bia and the National Dairy Council – received more than €13.4  million in EU funding for promotional farm product campaigns between 2016 and 2019. Of this funding –under the European Commission’s Promotion of Agricultural Products scheme and covered by the Common Agricultural Policy budget – 78% was used to market Irish dairy and meat; while just 11% was used to promote Irish fruit and vegetables. None of this EU funding went towards the promotion of organic Irish agri-food products.

The report is very critical of how the EU’s promotional funds ‘favor’ meat and dairy products over less environmentally harmful fruit and vegetable foods. For its assessment, Greenpeace analyzed all EU spending on promotional campaigns for agricultural products from the years 2016-2020, and looked at 146 detailed projects approved in eight EU countries during 2018-2019 – including: Austria; Denmark; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Poland; and Spain.

According to, it states that, of the overall €776  million spent on the marketing of agricultural products in the EU and abroad between 2016 and 2020, €252  million (32pc) went to “exclusively promoting” EU meat and dairy products, while €214  million (28pc) went to “mixed basket” products “almost all of which included meat and dairy”.

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