Onions and carrots in paper packaging

The company Ambrosi & Sdei launched a new packaging for carrots and onions made of paper, which is therefore fully recyclable. “This solution is 100% disposable – explained Nicola Sdei – because even the see-through is made of cellulose hydrate, a material of vegetable origin, certified Home Compostable. The packaging materials are all part of the circular economy. In addition, the paper used is able to extend shelf life because it is porous”.

Anastasio and Riccardo Sdei

The farm has been family owned for 4 generations, and cultivates over 150 hectares of carrots and 120 hectares of onions every year, in different areas of Italy, in order to offer continuity of supply. Integrated pest control is used to prevent diseases and fungi.

“One aspect that is important to us is the staff. Every year we invest in training and courses so that our employees are kept up to date with all technical innovations. Besides onions and carrots, we also grow celery and parsley,” said Sdei.

“Our philosophy is to offer quality crops in a market where competition is fierce. We are aware that the customer has many options to choose from. This also means that he can choose another supplier if he is not satisfied”.

“We are very committed to achieving the goals associated with our core business philosophy. As a result, the company has become the largest supplier for two large retail chains and a number of other smaller chains. Research and the opening of new markets have contributed to the growth of our company and as a result, we can no longer ignore the national market,” concluded Sdei.


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