Organic products are in great demand, especially abroad

The demand for organic fruit and vegetables is increasing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “The trend is growing also because of the lack of supply from Spain, due to the bad weather. The lower the product, the higher the demand,” – explained Paolo Pari, marketing director of Almaverde Bio. Clementines, kiwis, apples and pears are currently the top selling products, together with seasonal vegetables.

“As is well known, sales in the organic sector increased by double digits during the first lockdown, only to pause during the summer. There was a recovery in autumn, which is still continuing now. In our perspective, the market is stable in Italy and growing abroad,” said Paolo Pari, speaking of 2020.

“At this stage, it is not easy to predict market dynamics. For sure, the number of purchases bought on impulse has decreased. The consumer goes to the supermarket as little as possible, has a precise list, and spends less time buying a few extras. Organic fruit and vegetables are seen through different lenses, with greater added value”.

Paolo Pari in an archive photo

On the packaging front, Almaverde meets all requirements. “We work with 100% recyclable and 100% compostable packaging. In between, there are all possible combinations. Plastic is decreasing, but the choice depends on the customer’s needs”.

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