Organto expands organic ginger supply

Source: Fresh Plaza

Organto, an integrated provider of organic and value-added organic fruits and vegetables today announced the expansion of its organic ginger program via an expanded relationship with a key Brazilian supplier.

Organto initially began distribution of organic ginger in late 2018 from supply partners in Peru and Asia. In September 2020 Organto diversified its product offering and established year-round supply of ginger and turmeric by adding a key strategic supplier in Brazil. The Brazilian supplier maintains its own production and packaging operations and represents a group of approximately 200 local growers located in key organic ginger growing regions in the country. Brazilian ginger is recognized for its intensity of taste and generally larger hand sizes versus other growing regions.

Based on the successful acceptance of Brazilian ginger across its European customer base, Organto has expanded its Brazilian supply program, and expects to increase annual volumes from this Brazilian supply partner to approximately 800,000 kgs in 2021 versus the 120,000 kgs received in 2020. Organto is also working with this supplier to double planned 2021 volumes by fiscal 2023, significantly increasing supply in order to meet expected market demand.

“We are very pleased to significantly expand our organic ginger program with our strategic Brazilian supply partner following the market success we realized in 2020.” commented Rients van der Wal, Co-CEO of Organto and CEO of Organto Europe B.V. “We look forward to continuing to expand our ginger category together with our strategic supply partners. We believe demand for ginger will continue to grow as consumers seek out the unique health benefits derived from its high antioxidant levels and antiinflammatory properties and their desire for unique taste experiences.” added Mr. van der Wal.

Based on the combination of growing market demand and the continued expansion of supply, ginger and turmeric represent another significant category in the Company’s growing organic fruits and vegetables product offering. Organto has increased its longer-term revenue target for the ginger and turmeric category from CDN $5 million to CDN $10 million in annual revenues1 by 2023.

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