Orsero presented 2020 sustainability report

Source: Fresh Plaza

Orsero S.p.A, a Mediterranean company for the import and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables and listed on the Star market of Borsa Italiana, presented its 2020 Sustainability Report at the shareholders’ meeting.

The report provides a transparent and detailed overview of Orsero Group’s activities and  performance in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We operate in a sustainable business – said Raffaella Orsero, Vice President and CEO of Orsero – Fresh fruit and vegetables have a positive effect, not only on our well-being, but also on our planet: they are in fact the foods with the lowest environmental impact in the food pyramid. Aware of this double value we work, every day, to improve the quality of our products, and to offer solutions that facilitate the consumption of fruit and vegetables outside the home, and on the other hand, to reduce even more the environmental impact of our business, acting on all factors, from the selection of productions to packaging, to the attention to waste and reduction of processing waste.”

Among the sustainability priorities that Orsero Group has identified and developed during 2020 there are:

− Safety, traceability and quality of products – The Group carries out constant control at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring product traceability and compliance with the highest international standards of quality, safety and health. In 2020, in Europe alone, the Group carried out over 7,500 quality checks per day.

− Sustainable supply chain management – Orsero promotes dialogue with suppliers and responsible and sustainable management of the supply chain, to ensure maximum transparency on the origin of products. Particular attention is paid to Global Gap and Rainforest Alliance certifications, held by 90% of pineapple producers and over 85% of banana producers marketed by the Group in the year of reference.

− Energy, emissions and waste management – The Group monitors the environmental impact of its facilities in order to improve and it is concretely committed to reducing consumption and waste. In 2020, direct emissions (Scope 1) of greenhouse gases were reduced by 5.3% compared to 2019 and by approximately 20% compared to 2018, primarily due to the reduction in energy consumption related to the fleet of refrigerated vessels after the introduction of the new sailing schedule. Also relative to the fleet, moreover, SOx (Sulfur Oxides) emissions were reduced by more than 80% during 2020 due to the use of fuel with reduced sulfur content as per IMO 2020 international regulations.

− Fight against waste – Defending the value of food and combating food waste are the principles that have always been part of the Orsero Group’s philosophy and are the basis of the partnership entered into in 2020 with the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) and the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation. The initiative has enabled the Group to donate over 440 quintals of fruit and vegetables in one year.

− Development of human capital and promotion of corporate welfare – The Group supports work-life balance and ensures fair and stable working relationships, based on respect and promotion of talents. During 2020, also following the results of a Corporate Climate Survey, the Orsero Group created its first corporate intranet portal, with the aim of making all employees feel more informed, connected and above all close. Also in 2020, the company joined Parks, an association that supports the creation of inclusive workplaces that respect all employees, particularly LGBT+employees.

The Sustainability Report 2020, now in its second edition and prepared in accordance with the “GRI sustainability reporting standards 2016” guidelines published by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) under the “Core” option, is available on the website www.orserogroup.it, within the sustainability section.


For more information: www.orserogroup.it