“Our initiatives revolve around finding even more efficient equipment designs that translate to efficient manufacturing”

ProEx Food is looking forward to a year of growth in 2021, and is expanding their product portfolio to address customer needs. “We know there are more fruit and vegetable processors that still have ambitions to put new capital projects in place for 2021 installs, but have not yet put in their orders. We certainly are ready to help, and want to get those conversations started now. This is so we can ensure success”, says Nick Maglio, Director of Marketing. “This includes everything from entry-level capacity washers, blanchers and corn / vegetable saws, to peelers and huskers, to second phase control system and sensor integrations to turnkey, lights out, automated lines.”

The company has some ambitious plans for the coming your, among others is the expansion and refinement of solutions in the categories they serve: “In addition to our market leadership in fresh market sweet corn processing, we have solutions and installs being prepared for additional fruits and vegetables, including fresh market potatoes and root vegetables; leafy greens and salad washing, drying and clamshell filling; fresh and frozen mushrooms; and green/snap beans.” This is in addition parts and aftermarket solutions for not only their equipment, but all Hughes Equipment corn machinery parts. 

Aside from full-scale solutions for anything from washing to packaging fruit and vegetables, ProEx Food focusses on robotics. Daniel Ghadiri, CTO, president and co-founder, explains: “We are rolling out advancements for our washers, blanchers and de-watering shakers. We have also developed new versions of our x-ray scanning system, and are getting ready to launch the next versions of both our delta and case packing robotics solutions. Our 2021 Engineering initiatives revolve around finding even more efficient equipment designs that will translate to manufacturing efficiencies, while further improving hygiene, sanitation, safety and ergonomics. These will translate to not only better performance, but cost saving that we will pass to our customers.”

Ross Lund, CEO and co-founder: “We are planning to expand our manufacturing capability shortly, and will be announcing more details about that exciting initiative soon. This will help us enable our customers by offering the same high-quality equipment at even more competitive prices. We can’t wait to help more processors move forward on the efficiency, safety and expansion goals they are setting. We are also adding to our staff and adjusting both our sales and operational structures, all to further streamline our solution and delivery processes.” 

Nick concludes, “2021 seasons are coming up very soon, let us know shortly how we can help you prepare for them. This can be complete lines, equipment and parts.”

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