Packaging news and development round-up


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Wood pulp bottles set for industrial production

Renewable packaging provider Stora Enso has partnered Diageo research and development venture Pulpex to industrialise the production of eco-friendly paper bottles and containers made from wood fibre pulp.

The partnership aims at large-scale industrial production of renewable and recyclable paper bottles and containers that degrade readily in the natural environment.

Using Stora Enso’s formed fiber material, Pulpex will produce paper bottles for an array of global brands across a variety of market applications, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and liquid foods.

Stora Enso said that its wood fiber pulp comes from sustainable, verified sources. The customizable Pulpex bottle allows for embossing, labelling and coloured pigments to fit brand needs and easily integrates into any packaging manufacturer’s existing filling infrastructure.

Scott Winston, director at Pulpex, said “We are delighted to have Stora Enso involved with Pulpex and are looking forward to the tangible benefits of such a formidable collaboration that will undoubtedly help us over the coming months as we seek to make our new, high-speed production lines available to all our partners.”


Biodegradable heat shrink film launched


A new commercially compostable alternative to common plastic shrink wraps has been launched by packaging and films producer Cortec Corporation.

EcoShrink Compostable Film is sourced from certified commercially compostable resins and contains 45% biopolymers. After use, the film can be disposed of in a commercial composting environment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that ends up in a landfill.