Peru opens its market to Argentine nuts and citrus

Source: Fresh Plaza

Yesterday, Argentina and Peru closed the agreement that enables Argentina to export citrus fruits (sour orange, sweet orange, mandarin, grapefruit, and royal lemon), walnuts, and Argentine nuts to Peru.

In 2020, Peru imported 3,781 million dollars in citrus fruits and 4,475 million dollars in walnuts. Thus, the opening of this market has a potential of 8.3 million for Argentina.

“The Argentine Government’s Secretariat of International Economic Relations and the citrus and nut producers actively work to promote the consumption of these highly nutritious foods with the aim of opening new markets for the regional economies’ productions,” stated the Foreign Ministry.

The opening of the Peruvian market for both products opens up great possibilities for Argentina. Currently, Peru is the eighth export market for Argentina. In 2020 Argentina achieved a trade surplus of 1,261 million dollars with this market. This is a new destination in Latin America for the regional economies’ productive sector, which in 2020 exported 256.5 million dollars.