Peru’s organic blueberry supply is expected to increase in 2021

Source: Fresh Plaza

According to Susana Yturry, Agroexport manager of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), the growing demand for organic blueberries and the attractive prices of this fruit suggest that the export supply of Peru, the world’s main exporter of this berry in 2020, will increase this year.

Last year, conventional blueberry accounted for 96.3% of shipments and organic blueberry only accounted for 3.7%. Despite having this modest share of total shipments, in 2020 organic blueberries showed significant growth in terms of volume and value over the previous year, as shipments went from 135 tons to 4,000 tons worth $31 million, i.e. 40 times more than in 2019.

It should be noted that the total value growth was higher due to the increase in the average price, which rose just over 2 dollars over the past year, while the price of conventional blueberries continues to decline every year.

Organic blueberry exports accounted for 26% of the country’s organic fruit exports last year.

Higher costs but also higher prices
According to calculations by Sierra and Selva Exportadora made last year, producing organic food costs 5% to 9% more than producing conventional products. However, the difference between the sale prices of organic and conventional fruits may be higher than this rate. This also applies to blueberries.

The average price of organic fresh blueberry exports in 2020 stood at $ 9.62 per kilo, with a high of $ 10.87 in the United States in October, and a low of $ 4 per kilo in Singapore and the Netherlands in July and November, respectively, according to information from the Global Economy and Business Research Center (CIEN-ADEX).

Meanwhile, the price of conventional blueberries stood at $ 6.24, with a high of $ 12.33 in China in November and a low of $ 2 per kilo in Belgium in July.


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