“Pineapple market was up, now down a little again”

Source: Fresh Plaza

After an Easter upswing, the pineapple market has normalized. “Before Easter, the market was good with prices above €10. Now it’s subsided somewhat, and there’s more supply than demand. Prices are now back to an average of around €7.50,” says Mario de Goede of Dutoit Europe, in the Netherlands.

He’s not very optimistic about the coming weeks. “The trading situation still isn’t what it used to be. Certain markets in our sales countries are closed. That’s on top of no sales to the hospitality and foodservice sectors. So, in some countries, only the supermarket segment remains. I’d hoped to import a little more in June. That was in case the lockdown would be lifted, and restaurant terraces opened. But I’ve shelved that plan for now. It’s currently best not to have too much stock.”

“The pineapples quality is good. The delays are frustrating, however. COVID-19’s thrown the logistics world into disarray. That sometimes results in delays in the port of Rotterdam. That’s not so much of an issue for long-lasting fruits like apples. But pineapples have to be sold within a few days,” Mario concludes.

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