Plant-based product round-up

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Wheat-based meat alternative concept debuted

A concept for a wheat-based alternative for beef mince that mimics the taste and texture of the real thing has been debuted by ingredients firm Loryma.

According to Loryma, its wheat ingredients – the textured wheat proteins Lory Tex, and the functional wheat-based binding system Lory Bind – have a comparable protein content, less fat, fewer saturated fatty acids and additional dietary fibre.

It combines textured wheat proteins with starch-based binding components to provide the necessary binding properties, and ensure that the cooked product has a realistic meat-like texture. Based on odourless and tasteless raw materials, the final off-note-free flavour can be customised


Plant-based jelly beans hits store shelves


Jealous Sweets has launched a new range of plant-based jelly beans to join its catalogue of confectionery made without animal-derived gelatine.

The beans are available in two flavours – Berry Sours (cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry) and Zingy Sours (orange, apple and lemon) – and are sold in 125g sharing bags. Sour Beans are gluten-free and have been approved by the vegetarian society as vegan.

Co-founder Imran Merza said: “With sour beans we want to shake up people’s expectations about what sweets can deliver in terms of flavour. Our sours give the traditional mouth-watering acidity, but we have upped flavour concentration to really enhance the eating experience.

“We find that people have an intense taste sensation when eating our sour beans that develops as you chew through the sweet.”