“Popularity of Elite-vine tomatoes grows with each passing year”

Source: Fresh Plaza

“It has been two weeks since Belgian tomato sales started selling well again. The supply of vine tomatoes from the South has been decreasing, leading the market to request Belgian tomatoes again”, says Mr. Akarca of export company Elite Foods from the Belgium town Sint-Katelijne-Waver. “The demand for Elite-vine tomatoes is very high at the moment, but the price is lower than last year. However, because of this, trade has been going strong, but it would be good for the producer if prices were to increase.”


Akarca is also happy with the quality of the tomatoes. “The Elite-vine tomatoes are of great quality and, as the season progresses, the quality will only increase. Our customers also appreciate the quality of the Elite-vine tomatoes. Every year, we see a rise in popularity of our tomatoes and an increase in sales.”

“There are more and more stories in the news recently about how, in many countries, bars and restaurants can open their doors to the public again, which will have a positive effect on tomato sales. We also have clients from the gastronomy sector, so the opening of restaurants will boost our sales as well. However, we also have clients in retail that we can sell to more than usually, precisely because of the restaurants closing. Because of this, the market remained stable, but the re-opening will definitely have a positive effect on the market,” according to the exporter.

“We look forward to the current season. The outlook is positive as we have made some great deals. We also added apples and pears to our product line this year. Every year we add new products and this year we went with top fruit. Great products which our customers will definitely be happy with,” Akarca concludes. 

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