Post-harvest technology extends fruit’s shelf life

Source: Fresh Plaza

PlanFreshTM, a novel post-harvest technology, can maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and flowers for a long time. One of the active ingredients is the commonly-used 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP). 1-MCP interacts with the ethylene receptor and inhibits the response of organic material to ethylene, which delays the ripening process, maintains the fruit’s freshness and firmness, and keeps fresh fruit at peak quality for longer. 

Cathy is the commercial manager at Chesen, she say:, “At present, a lot of research and data shows that 1-MCP is widely used on apples, pears, persimmons, plums, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, tomatoes, avocados, melons, mango, mangosteen, papaya, broccoli, pepper, cut flowers and many other fresh crops.”

When asked about the specialty of the product, Cathy said, “PlanFreshTM is developed as an eco-friendly system, which can be used in small packages, trucks, containers and storage rooms for fresh produce. It has a special design procedure for many crops, and it is convenient to use. Besides, PlanFreshTM is a safe system which allows the fruit to be consumed soon after being treated.”

At the moment, Chesen is looking for more collaborators who have an interest in operating as our registered agents. “We always try our best to deliver the best possible quality to our partners. 1-MCP series products can be custom-made,” Cathy said.

Chesen aims to support farmers, packers, retailers and consumers by providing post-harvest solutions across the industry to enhance plant values, increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, whilst reducing food waste and conserving our resources in the world.

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