Prices of Ugandan tomatoes are up due to rising demand in Kenya

Source: Fresh Plaza

Kenya’s decision to re-open its market for Uganda’s produce has increased demand for all kinds of produce from the country. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the prices of other agricultural products. Prices of tomatoes, onions, carrots and green pepper have jumped in Uganda in the last month.

Other than increased demand, tomato farmers have also struggled with the dry weather of the past three months, which has created low production, hence high prices. In March, Kenya’s Ministry of agriculture created tension in the farming community in the country, when it suspended the importation of Uganda’s maize and other agricultural produce citing safety concerns.

However, Kenya lifted the ban on Uganda’s maize and opened its borders to other agricultural products like tomatoes and onions. Produce traders in Kampala; say the opening of Kenya’s borders to Uganda’s maize and other agricultural products have seen Kenyan traders descend on the local market to buy directly from Ugandan farmers at a higher price leading to an increase in tomato prices.