Primaflor and Kimitec sign a pioneering agreement in Europe to grow leafy products with zero residue

Source: Fresh Plaza

Primaflor -the Almeria-based company that is dedicated to the production and distribution of fresh products, salads, and healthy convenience foods- has signed a pioneering agreement in European agriculture with Kimitec -the biotechnology multinational dedicated to research and marketing of biopesticides, biostimulants, prebiotics, and probiotics for agriculture. This agreement will allow Primaflor to advance in its goal of growing products with zero residues making progress in its commitment to sustainability, taking care of the environment and people.

MAAViLab Primaflor-Kimitec is a strategic research and development agreement whereby Kimitec puts the MAAVi Innovation Center, the largest research center for biopesticides, probiotics, and prebiotics in Europe, at the disposal of Primaflor to use and develop natural solutions aimed at achieving zero residues in outdoor leafy crops.

This will allow Primaflor to advance in the development and use of specific bio-inputs aimed at outdoor crops, and meet the requirements to reduce the use of chemical materials and nitrogen fertilizers in agricultural productions. It will also allow it to become the first company in the industry to launch a range of zero residue leafy products.

The European context is marked by the progressive prohibition of chemical materials in agriculture due to the implementation of the Farm to Fork strategy, which proposes a 50% reduction in the use of chemical pesticides and a 20% of nitrogen fertilizers. Primaflor is anticipating this paradigm shift by working with Kimitec to maintain its productivity in a natural way while meeting the environmental, economic, and social sustainability objectives imposed by the European Union.

MAAViLab’s objectives include the development of bio-inputs, working on the efficient management of water and nutrients to face challenges such as climate change and desertification, and the revaluation of the by-products from Primaflor’s production line by using them in the development of specific bio-inputs, thereby boosting the company’s green and circular economies.

This is the third agreement with these characteristics signed by Kimitec, as the company had already signed two other MAAViLabs with Melones Bollo and Unica Group.