Producing healthy and flavorful tomatoes

Source: Fresh Plaza

“We have always grown tomatoes however, over the years, we realized we needed to specialize more to keep up with the times and improve the quality of our produce. The facts proved us right,” explains Salvatore  Ficicchia who, together with his brothers Dario and Alessandro, runs a company in the Gela area (CL).

Salvatore Ficicchia

The company greenhouses cover 10 hectares and the proximity to the sea conveys great organoleptic qualities to the product. Three tomato types are grown here: smooth round, cherry and mini plum tomatoes. 

“We have our own branded crates, which make us more visible on the market. It is important to be recognizable, it rewards us of our efforts. Our produce is in fact held in high regard by commercial operators, as the quality is considered reliable. We put a lot of passion into what we do, because ours is not just a simple job – we produce food that needs to be healthy and flavorful.”

Smooth round tomatoes of the Roventa variety

“We want our company to be seen as a point of reference and would like to start commercializing our own produce but, to do it properly, we must obtain the main certifications such as GlobalGAP, which would enable us to deal with big retail chains as well. We have reached this conclusion after a series of evaluations with some qualified sector operators.” 

The company’s website will also be available soon in order to become even more recognizable by current and future partners. The produce is currently sold via wholesale markets with an annual production hovering around 1000 tons.

Azienda Agricola F.lli Ficicchia
+39 3335015477