Proexport fully supports the maintenance of the Tajo-Segura Transfer System

Source: Fresh Plaza

Proexport’s Government Commission expressed its full support for the Tajo-Segura Transfer System, essential infrastructure for the agriculture of the Levant. The meeting held by the main fruit and vegetable companies represented in the governing body of the Murcian fruit and vegetable association at the CROEM today brought to light the sector’s concern about the possible modification of the exploitation rules of the Transfer System and the ecological flows of the Tajo.

The president of Proexport, Juan Marin, expressed his concern and totally supported the actions carried out by the Water Circle: “We completely support the maintenance of the Tajo-Segura Transfer System, a vital infrastructure for all the Spanish Levante.”.

“The current minimum legal flows have been optimal to achieve the good ecological status of the water bodies. Their modification would increase the annual discharge of Entrepeñas and Buendía by 78 hm³, to the detriment of the contributions made to the Transfer.

Murcia exported 2,605,213 tons of products in 2020, generating jobs and wealth in all the municipalities of the Levant mainly focused on agriculture. The lack of water security, the reduction of the water resources currently available from the Tajo-Segura Transfer, hinder the future profitability of these fruit and vegetable farms.

Proexport’s Government Commission brings together the main iceberg lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, melon, watermelon, tomato, pepper, and different vegetable producing and exporting companies. It also includes the Alhóndigas de Murcia, Alicante, and the parties in charge of the Labor Relations Committee.

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