Protein bar manufacturer Nutree Life boosts digital skills

The manufacturer is among 1,200 businesses in north west England that have worked with the Made Smarter Adoption Programme to introduce digital tools to help increase productivity and growth and deal with COVID-19’s impact.

Digital technology and disruption caused by COVID-19 has helped accelerate technology adoption in the food and drink industry​ and advance food safety practices, according to industry experts.

Digitalisation at Nutree Life has resulted in 25 workers assuming technical operator, team leader and new management roles through learning new skills.

Commenting on Nutree’s involvement with the programme, co-founder and chief executive Patrick Mroczak said: “Our entire workforce has gone to another level of working since the arrival of these new technologies. Now, because they run these processes, they are coming up with ideas to take it further.

Creating jobs

“With the increased productivity and greater efficiency, I have been able to create dozens of new jobs, adding brain power to a broader team, and upskill a significant number of them. This process has created a much more profitable business and much happier staff.”

Made Smarter has worked with 160 business to secure matched funding to develop projects using technologies that enable them to integrate systems, capture and analyse data, and create simulations of their plants and processes. 

More than 1,800 staff have learned new skills to meet the demands of emerging technologies and ensure successful digital transformation.