Robots to become commercially viable in the next three years

Robot technologies that were considered experimental a few years ago will become a feasible option for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), due to a global trend toward ‘proven robotics’ that has reduced booth cost and complexity of implementing robots.

The research identified three key factors driving the trend – the maturation of robot technologies, a price drop in robot technologies and a doubling of global availability of suppliers. More information can be found in the box below.

Availability of robotics tech

  • A range of robot technologies have reached a mature stage – according to the British Automation & Robot Association (BARA), the UK food and beverage sector is the second highest purchaser of robots.
  • Prices of robot technology are falling – by 2025 prices are expected to have fallen by 76 % since 2010.
  • Global availability of suppliers and solutions has more than doubled in the last twenty years.

Commenting on the findings, HowToRobot chief executive Søren Peters said: “Automation used to be exclusively for custom machine builders, developing a new solution for every project.

“In the last five years however, many new robot technologies have reached a level of maturity and price point where they can be standardised, meaning lower cost and quicker implementation. Food and beverage SMEs can now adopt these technologies on a larger scale.”