Rossetta® strawberry production in full swing

The strawberry campaign has just started at Compagnia delle Primizie, the cooperative specializing in strawberry and small fruit production. For the new campaign, the cooperative planted around 60 hectares of strawberries, expected to produce approximately 3000 tons of produce destined to both the domestic and European markets.

“We grow four varieties: NSG 120 (Rossetta®), NSG 207 (Gioelita®), Melissa and NSG 203 (Marimbella). They are rustic cultivars, highly productive, with excellent organoleptic qualities and low chill hours requirements, so they are suitable for our weather conditions,” explains Giuseppe Santarcangelo, agronomist and technical manager for the cooperative.

Melissa strawberry crops.

“Harvesting operations for Marimbella and Melissa started during the Christmas period and now Rossetta® production is also in full swing”, adds Pasquale Casalnuovo, sales manager for Compagnia delle Primizie.

“The variety and types of plants used enable us to be available on the market between December and June. Varietal differentiation is essential to meet market demand.”

New Compagnia delle Primizie packaging – 250 gram punnet.

“For this campaign, we have destined around 20 hectares to NSG 120, a variety which will be commercialized under the Rossetta® brand, managed by the Nova Siri Genetics Varietal Club. Compagnie delle Primizie strawberries will be available in a new packaging: a 250 gram cardboard punnet with handle. This choice was made to reduce the use of plastic and help consumers dispose of the packaging.” 

The punnet was designed by Accalaidesign and is a true gift packet that will be available in limited edition for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. “It is a way to make a gift to loved ones. “La fragola del cuore” strawberries have an inebriating aroma, a red firm flesh and a unique flavor,” concludes Casalnuovo.

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